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December, 2021

CRMs help your business in many ways are a necessity. Whether you are a startup, or in the planning stages, a good CRM is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to marketing and maintaining customer relationships. The CRM you use should be easy then later as you feel more comfortable you can upgrade to more and more sophisticated CRMs.

They help to organize contacts, find out who your customers are, create reports, save time and earn more money. Your CRM should include features such as sales automation, sales forecasting, and marketing campaigns management. Meanwhile, customization features allow you to tailor to your specific business needs.

The productivity tools within a CRM allow you to easily complete your tasks, notify you when you send a follow-up email, provide a detailed customer purchase history, and track transactions in the sales process. They can also identify a new sales opportunity and track existing opportunities by stages, months, amounts and probability of success. You can also book appointments, send automated reminders by SMS and/or mail to ensure acceptable show up rates.

CRMs also allow you to identify important performance metrics, determine the stages of the sales pipeline, determine the qualification criteria of potential customers, and determine what specific actions salespeople should take at a particular transaction stage by creating a recurring sales cycle, automate sales processes, and visually track transactions from start to finish.

CRMs collect contact information from various channels, including social media, chat, phone, company website, web forms, purchase records, personal meeting notes and more. Contact management tools combine all this information into a single contact record, including address and phone number, so you get a complete picture of potential customers, and grow your database.

If you intend to manage a CRM by yourself or a new team you should seek simplicity. Fortunately, there are currently a large number of CRMs that require a minimum level of training, with an intuitive interface, general ease of use and easy access to information.

I recommend the following if you intend to do it alone:

  • Mailchimp
  • MailerLite
  • Zoho
  • Hubspot

If you need more sophistication, I highly suggest you use ActiveCampaign. They offer zoom onboarding and their chat support is excellent.

If you used my affiliate link below and emailed me at or fill out the contact form below, I'd be happy to spend a few hours with you to train you and get you set up. (it won't cost you any extra)

messenger marketing

December, 2021

My team got certified in Messenger Marketing years ago when it was all new. It went through several transitional periods with a boom in the beginning and a crackdown on spammers but using the Omni channel approach, we've been able to get amazing results in 2021.

How It Works

Paid ads are sent directly to Messenger with conversational automations set up to capture leads, book appointments, conduct surveys, qualify leads, set up salespeople for conversations, sell products, and deliver lead magnets and contests.

All About Conversation

Chat automation is very convenient for getting information but it never beats real conversation. We keep it short and to the point and utilize omni-channel methods for follow up.

After a few questions are asked and contact info is received, sales people are able to reach out directly to the lead to nurture and build rapport.

Visible Results

especially with IOS 14 and tracking issues in 2021, Messenger has seen a rise is efficacy due to being a in platform app. We've seen increased show-up rates to sales calls, webinars and joining facebook groups.

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telehealth site security

December, 2021

As the telehealth industry continues to boom in 2021 and 2022, the need for customer privacy and website security increases. Hippa laws require

According to the 2021 DrFirst study:

  • 43% were worried about their personal health information being compromised
    see references below
  • 35% were concerned about their session being hacked
    see references below
  • 14% were worried that their session would connect to someone other than their healthcare provider
    see references below

The good news is ...

  • 84% reported that they would likely use telehealth going forward
    of those participants that had used telehealth services in the past

How To Improve Site Security

The following are immediate steps you can take to begin the process of securing your site.

These actions are only the beginning of compliance with site security and HIPPA protocols.

  • Avoid permanent links to video platforms.
    Make use of dynamic links that are personalized to the individual user
  • Make sure all employess and partners have permission based access to all platforms.
    Passwords can be distributed through a password manager and NDAs should be signed by anyone who has access
  • Add extra layers of security to servers
    Encryption and SSL protocols can be used to mitigate risks
  • Automatic Logoff
    Implement electronic procedures that terminate an electronic session after a predetermined time of inactivity

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messenger marketing

For Webinars

December, 2021

We use Messenger through facebook and Instagram to register users to upcoming webinars. The reason we use Messenger for registrations are listed below but this method provides a seamless user experience that is highly customizable, addresses user concerns, allows for personal followup as well as automated followup.

Any webinar platform that has API access is available; however, we recommend the following platforms:

  • Zoom


  • WebinarJam/Everwebinar
  • GotoWebinar


How It Works

#1 - Users click an ad that takes them directly to messenger and displays a greeting card with a visual and more information about the event and times.

#2 - Users can then click to opt in ensuring their interest in the event and availability to attend.

#3 - Users are then asked for registration information such as name, email and phone. You can also ask qualifying questions to make sure they are a good fit for the event.

#4 - Finally, users are prompted to opt in for the type of notification they would like to receive which is then automated in multiple ways and tracked based on user behavior.

Omni Channel Approach

The power of an Omni channel approach can not be under stated. Users feel in control of their experience and event organizers are able to connect to users in multiple ways beside the traditional email which may or may not be delivered to the user's inbox.

Channels include direct email from Messenger, emails from CRM and/or Webinar platform, SMS, Instagram Direct, Whatsapp, Telegram and Messenger Direct.

Why It Works

Once someone clicks to Messenger the invitation stays in the Messenger inbox as a reminder for someone who hasn't continued.

Once someone clicks to Messenger the invitation stays in the Messenger inbox as a reminder for someone who hasn't continued.

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